Collection of goods in the store

When shopping in the online store, you will be offered the option to collect the goods in the store.

If you have selected in-store pickup, we will prepare them within the time frame specified for the selected item. We will inform you about this by e-mail. by mail and/or SMS. We will wait for your arrival within 5 calendar days. After that, the order will be canceled and the ordered items will be returned to the shelf.

Please have your order number and ID with you when picking up your order. If your goods will be collected by another person, indicate him as the recipient during the order. And if the buyer is a legal entity, have a power of attorney.

Delivery of goods to the specified place

If you have selected home delivery, it will be delivered within the time specified for the selected item.

Couriers deliver goods according to a predetermined route, so it is not possible to choose the exact delivery time, you can only choose the desired delivery time interval.

Important! Some products have a non-standard delivery time, the exact delivery time of the product can be seen on the product page.